WORLDSOFT XML is an effective way of distributing inventory to your travel partners if they use an online booking engine system. So, instead of manually login into your system the XML interface can be integrated to their system that will let them book online through your available hotels and other services. It is more useful for Travel Wholesalers and DMCs who deals with large number of consolidation of content amongst various hotels and other services.
The system automatically pushes XML out of your travel products with real time data, availability, prices and policies. The structure of this XML is very simple and easy to integrate in a shorter span of time. It operates either online on real time or offline, based on the systems each partner uses. Travel companies, through the XML Out API can also create their custom B2C travel portals.
Simple settings can be made by you to switch on/off any supplier which you want or don’t want to integrate in the system of your travel partner. You will have the provision of setting up your own mark up on the inventory you share with your partners.

Sell your own content to other partners with your commission structure.